“Industrial fire”

“Industrial fire”



The following can be insured:

ü  immovable property – industrial and/or administrative buildings

ü  movable property – machines, equipment, furniture and fixtures, inventories, etc. owned or under the control of industrial companies/organizations and/or those providing services of manufacturing or public nature


The following cannot be insured:

  • motor vehicles with a state control number, sailing vessels, and aircraft and the related material and non-pecuniary interests – subject to other insurances;
  • any type of documents, statements, manuscripts, numismatic collections, postage stamps, objects and jewelry made of precious metals, works of art, precious gems, indoor and decorative plants, wrist and pocket watches, photographs and photographic films, murals, weapons;
  • cash money, bonds, vouchers, airplane and train tickets;
  • magnetic tapes, discs, and other information carriers;
  • samples, advertising models, prototypes, exhibits;
  • vending machines (including those for currency exchange) with all their content, as well as cash registers – unless otherwise contracted;
  • construction and assembly projects under construction – subject to another insurance.


BASIC COVERAGE (mandatory)

  • fire, including the consequences of extinguishing it,
  • explosion,
  • lightning,
  • collision or crash of a manned aircraft, its parts or cargo.


The insurance amount/limit of liability is specified in Bulgarian levs or another currency in a way agreed upon between the INSURED and the INSURER, which is outlined in the insurance policy.

Upon signing of the insurance, the parties contract mandatory deductibles of the INSURED in each damage – as % or an absolute amount, depending on the provided coverage. The INSURED is eligible for a discount in the premium for deductibles of more than 10% in each damage.

For the term of the insurance, the clause for “underinsurance” of inventories will not be applied and an increase of the insurance amounts will not be necessary, provided that none of the monthly balances exceeds the insurance amount by more than 10%.