Mountain insurance

Mountain insurance

Mountain insurance

Under this insurance, Bulgarian and foreign citizens can be insured, while they are engaged in tourist or sports activity in the mountains.

Under certain conditions, the insurance can also be provided to persons above the age of 69, which should be specifically recorded in the policy and an additional premium should be paid.

The insurance coverage is valid only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Risks covered and amount of the compensation

  • Coverage “Medical expenses, rescue expenses, and repatriation costs”

The Insurer agrees to reimburse the Insured or pay directly to the Mountain Rescue Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross the actual expenses incurred for emergency medical assistance and/or the expenses for search, rescue, and repatriation, up to the limit of the insurance amount specified in the insurance policy.

The actual expenses incurred are reimbursed, upon presentation of original invoices and receipts for medical and other services paid, accompanied by discharge summaries and/or medical statements, expense documents from the Mountain Rescue Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

The expenses for an ambulance and/or accompanying medical officer are reimbursed only in case that the health condition of the Insured does not allow his transportation in the usual manner.

Only the expenses for emergency medical assistance and rescue operations incurred while the Insured individual was engaged in tourist or sports activity in the mountains are reimbursed.

Expenses for search and transportation with a helicopter are not covered.

  • Coverage “Accident”

The Insurer pays the insurance amount or a part of it in case of the risks specified below, which have occurred after the beginning and before the end of the insurance coverage.

The total amount of all payments for each of the risks covered cannot exceed the contracted insurance amount (limit of liability) specified in the policy or in these Special Terms.

The insurance premium is determined according to the fee schedule of the Insurer, which is effective as of the day of signing of the insurance, and it is paid in a single installment upon signing of the policy.

Upon the occurrence of an insured event, the Insured or the beneficiaries must inform the Insurer, but no later than 3 /three/ days after becoming aware of the occurrence of the insured event.