Group insurance “Accident”

Group insurance “Accident”

Group insurance “Accident”

Under this insurance, individual persons are insured with a Group insurance contract.


Basic risks covered and amount of the compensation:

  • Death of the Insured due to an accident – the contracted insurance amount is paid to the legal heirs or the specified beneficiaries.
  • Permanent work disability due to an accident – a percentage of the insurance amount is paid to the Insured, equal to the percentage of the ability to work lost, determined by the Insurance Medical Committee (IMC) of the Insurer, a Territorial Expert Medical Committee (TEMC), or the National Expert Medical Committee (NEMC).
  • Temporary work disability of the Insured due to an accident.
  • Temporary work disability which resulted from performing the work duties of the Insured.


Compensation for disablement and temporary work disability due to an occupational disease shall be paid once within the insurance year.

The minimum insurance premium for one insurance is 5.00 BGN.

If new insured individuals are added to an existing contract or the insurance amount is increased, the additional insurance premium is calculated proportionally to the months remaining until the end of the insurance. An Appendix to the insurance policy is issued for the additionally insured individuals or increased insurance amount.