“Theft by burglary, vandalism, armed robbery”


Movable property which is owned by or is under the responsibility of a Bulgarian or foreign individual person or legal entity can be insured.


The following cannot be insured:

  • motor vehicles with a state control number, sailing vessels, and aircraft and the related material and non-pecuniary interests – subject to other insurances;
  • any type of documents, statements, manuscripts, numismatic collections, postage stamps, works of art, airplane and train tickets, indoor and decorative plants, wrist and pocket watches, photographs and photographic films;
  • cash money, bonds, vouchers, objects and jewelry made of precious metals, precious gems, unless they were kept in a locked safe which was broken into during the burglary;
  • any type of weapons, ammunition, explosives, radioactive materials and isotopes;
  • gas, diesel, gasoline, and other liquid fuels;
  • narcotic substances and opiates;
  • intellectual property products;
  • railroad tracks, cross-ties, pipelines, fibers, cables (optical, copper, etc.), etc., which provide conductivity and are installed for their intended use. The INSURER may offer coverage for some of the properties indicated in the exclusions under special terms.


The INSURER covers a loss of the property which has been described in detail and located at the address specified in the policy.

In case of a loss, the INSURED must promptly notify the authorities of the Ministry of the Interior and the INSURER, which perform an inspection.

The compensation is paid within 14 days after presenting all documents necessary to prove the event and the amount of the damage. Official notes from the Ministry of the Interior and a final report by the prosecution staff must be submitted.