“Insurance against spoilage of frozen products in refrigeration chambers”


Food and other products can be insured, which are owned by or are under the responsibility of the INSURED.


The INSURER pays compensation for damages and losses caused by spoiling of the stored goods.

Damages and losses resulting from the following can also be covered:

  • electric power outage from the central electricity supply network, but planned interruptions of service and the ones resulting from shortage of electricity in the primary network of power plants are not covered;
  • failure of the local electric installation.


Compensation is paid for damages and losses caused by spoiling of the stored goods, which has occurred as a direct result of:

  • sudden and uncontrollable rise in the temperature in the refrigeration chambers;
  • sudden and uncontrollable leakage of the coolant.


The insurance is contracted based on a written Application-questionnaire by the INSURED and a description of the food and other products proposed for insurance.

The insurance premium is determined based on the type of the refrigerating generator and other circumstances related to the storage of the goods.

In case of a loss, the INSURED must promptly notify the INSURER, who performs an inspection and assessment of the damages.